Pinoy Celebrities Who P*********y At Young Age

Pinoy Celebrities Who P*********y At Young Age

D***h can occur at any age or period in a person’s life, you may be young or old. It is a natural part of life that everyone will one day have to face.


Here are the list of Pinoy celebrities who d**d at young age.

  1. Franco Hernandez

*He is the 26-year old Hashtag member who d**d of d******g in Davao Occidental on Saturday afternoon, November 11, 2017.

  1. Rizzini Alexis

*She is the 25-year old 2012 Miss Tourism International winner who d**d in 2015 due to lymphoma.

  1. Rico Yan

*He’s a heartthrob was only 27 years old when he d**d in 2002 due to cardiac arrest caused by acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis while asleep.

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  1. Julie Vega

*She is only 16 when she p*********y in 1985 after suffering from a form of demyelinating disease and bronchopneumonia.

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  1. AJ Perez

*He’s 18 when he d**d in a car accident in 2011.

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  1. Ramgen Revilla

*The 23-year-old actor was slain in his home in 2011.

  1. Miko Sotto

*He was only 21 when he d**d in 2003 after falling from the ninth floor of a condominium building.

  1. Halina Perez

*She was only 22 when she d**d in 2004 due to a vehicular accident.

  1. Tyron Perez

*He’s the 26-year-old former Starstruck contestant who was found d**d inside his vehicle in 2011.

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