Here’s Maja Salvador’s Risky Helicopter Stunt In “Wildflower”

Here’s Maja Salvador’s Risky Helicopter Stunt In “Wildflower”

Maja Salvador is regarded as the “Dance Princess”. She is currently known for her role as Lily Cruz / Ivy Aguas in the hit TV series Wildflower. This show has been heating up our TV and smartphone screens with its explosive scenes and punchline after punchline, and the drama between the Ardientes and Cruzes is showing no signs of slowing down.

Lily Cruz is Back! 💚 #WildestComeback #LoveLiveLily #Wildflower

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Maja is totally k*****g it not just in the dramatic scenes, but in her own action stunts as well.

Recently, the Kapamilya actress wowed the netizens when Maja shared a clip of herself. The videos featured her doing a daring stunt that involved a helicopter. One of the clips showed her as she latched on to a helicopter, heeled boots and all. She continued to execute the movement but it was apparent that she needed to climb to one of the helicopter’s doors.

After a few seconds, Maja finally managed to do just that – with an elegant swing of her lithe legs. Several production crew members behind the scene loomed close in case an accident occurs. Luckily, Maja was strong and flexible enough to reach one of the helicopter’s doors with her movements.

She then banged on the door with a furious expression, probably one of her scenes in the certain episodes. This is a jaw-dropping scene, where Maja is dangling from a flying helicopter as she climbs up to confront Aiko Melendez, who is inside.

What’s so impressive is that Maja didn’t even use a double and still delivered her lines like a boss as she completed the challenging stunt while tethered to a harness.

The clip has reached around 800,517 views from the moment Maja Salvador shared it on her account.

Watch the video below…

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kahit lumipad ka pa… maabutan ka ni Lily Cruz Red Dragon! #Wildflower

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