Gerald Anderson’s Prank To Pia Wurtzbach Makes Her Scream And Flipped Off Her Seat

Gerald Anderson’s Prank To Pia Wurtzbach Makes Her Scream And Flipped Off Her Seat

Gerald Anderson, a Filipino-American and television actor, brand ambassador and TV producer starred in the romance-drama film “My Perfect You,” together with the beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach. Despite being first-time co-stars, Pia Wurtzbach and Gerald Anderson showed they have good chemistry. It’s also their first time working with Cathy Garcia-Molina, regarded as a box-office-hit director known for her relatable takes on rom-coms.

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As part of the promotional leg of the film, Gerald and Pia were interviewed by vloggers, with a twist. One of those who got to sit down with the Kapamilya stars was Raye Gerard, also known as RayeBanned.

RayeBanned had the onscreen partners participate in a mystery box challenge, where they competed to guess an object by only touching it and not seeing it. The viewers laughed over the reactions of Gerald and Pia to the textures of the objects, and later the actor’s prank.

Those objects, in order, were: a wig, a miniature potted plant, and a live catfish. The sleek creature, as expected, had both jumping as it twitched at their touch. At the last minute, however, Gerald decided to add a layer of surprise to the challenge.

Already jumpy after touching the animal — which she mistook as an “uncooked hotdog” — a screaming Pia flipped off her seat when Gerald suddenly got the fish and threw it on her lap. The said prank had the audience in the venue laughing, as the beauty queen retreated to the side of the cameras.

Pia and Gerals also re-enacted iconic scenes in “Beki-nese” with Ken Barrientos, and picked between “Bakit Ka Single?” and “Bakit Ka Nag-Stay” with Rose Lope, a.k.a. Rappl.

Watch the video below…

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