Man B*****d For Being Overweight Finds Love With Woman Less Than Half His Size

Man B*****d For Being Overweight Finds Love With Woman Less Than Half His Size

Meet Kudi, a man from Thailand who is so overweight his friends called him “Ball”. He weighs a whopping 265 lbs and has been b*****d about his weight his whole life. But it seems Kudi has managed to come out on top when he caught the eye of a lady named Puwadol.

Puwadol, a nurse, is tiny and only weighs 97 lbs, but despite being nearly three times smaller than Kudi, she fell head over heels for him.

“I know he’s not good looking and fat, but he has a kind heart,” she said. “That’s the most important thing.”

It seems it really is true love because the couple has been together for a decade. In fact, they recently had their first child together. Their daughter was born last December.

“We share everything….happiness and sadness…and that’s the main thing,” Puwadol gushed. “He’s also very caring, and even though he doesn’t like girls with short hair, he’ll still tell me I look cute even if I trim my hair.”

She added, “Many people look at us and call Ball fat, but we do not care because I am in love with the person not just what he looks like.” That’s the basis of a real relationship. You’ve got to love each other for who they are, the good and the bad, and not who they could be or who you want them to be.

Kudi and Puwadol made things official and got married last year. This is a couple who really do love each other and want to be together for life. While they have plenty of haters, they don’t let harsh words get to them and instead simply focus on loving one another.

I guess the saying really is true. Love is blind. You never know when or with whom you’re going to end up with, and chances are it probably isn’t who you thought it was going to be. However, as long as both partners are happy, that’s all that really matters. We wish Kudi and Puwadol all the best.


While none of those relationships actually worked out, plenty others have. Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas still going strong!


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