People Must Beware Of This Gorgeous Woman Beheading Her Teenage Maid, Carnapping

People Must Beware Of This Gorgeous Woman Beheading Her Teenage Maid, Carnapping

Looks can be deceiving. Physical appearance will always comes first, when we are dealing with strange people. It is always their looks that we are up to. But sometimes or maybe most of the time its tricky.

A Facebook page warned the internet about a woman identified as Aleli Froilan Yap, suspected for beheading her teenage maid and carnapping. This woman was allegedly spotted driving a sports car at Commerce Center recently.

The woman was was involved in a carnapping of the expensive car of a businessman in Alabang. She mainly used her “charm” to be successful in her carnapping modus, according to reports from NBI. Yap pretended to purchase the car and took it for a test-drive. After promising to pay the victim on the following day, Yap escaped and brought the vehicle with her. The authorities discovered that she sold the car, six weeks later.

The said woman was also linked to the k*****g and beheading Richelle Sigang, who worked as a househelper with Yap in Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa. Yap was among the persons of interest after being the last companion of the victim. Sagang’s headless body was found in Sta. Maria, Bulacan while her severed head was found in a creek in Makati City on January 2017.

As of now, netizens claimed that Yap had been using different names on her social media account. Allegedly, some of her former schoolmates even said that she was suffering from a mental illness.

'Charm' ng babaeng carnapper, ginagamit sa pagtangay ng mamahaling sasakyan

"Maputi, sexy, talagang sinadya niyang ganun 'yung itsura niya para 'yung charm niya may epekto rin." Alamin sa ulat na ito ang modus ng isang umano'y babaeng carnapper na ginagamit ang kanyang "charm" para mag-test drive sabay tatangayin na ang mamahaling sasakyan.

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Friday, October 12, 2018

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